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Wellbeing, but not as you know it.

​Healthy, balanced people bring energy and focus to what they do. Connected people feel a sense of purpose.

We believe in creating a healthy, positive and resilient workplace with a pro active wellness culture where happy staff thrive.


Wellness is a buzz word at the moment, but this isn’t a fad. It’s no longer a novelty, or just for the progressive organisations, it’s no longer just a CSR tick box. It’s a must.

At wellbe we do wellness differently, we offer strategic, measurable wellbeing services that ensure real transformation for your team and your organisation.

You have a maintenance programme for your photocopier, but do you have one for your staff?

Yoga Group


Wellbeing, without the fluff

Fitness Group


Bringing Your Team Together

Employee wellbeing away days can be an important and dynamic part of any workplace wellbeing programme.

We  offer fun and transformational days for you and your team here at our wellness venues across the UK.

From half to full days we tailor all of our packages to suit the specific needs of your organisation and meet company values. Providing a safe space for team building, exploration and restoration, bringing individuals together in a social environment to instil trust, to connect, build resilience, enhance communication and creativity as well as inspire all aspects of wellbeing on the day and beyond.

We can offer a wide selection of wellbeing activities tailored to your needs, including the following evidenced based restorative sessions:


Wild Swimming

Paddle Boarding

Healthy cookery demos

Breath work

Coaching & Training Sessions



And much more!


Supporting Your Team

You may have identified a need within your workforce, a gap where some education and gentle guidance would work wonders. You may be looking to increase awareness or to address a certain work related health and well being issue or simply want to encourage, support or reward your staff as you know the happier and healthier they are the better your business will perform. 

We offer a variety of themes for workshops, talks and coaching programmes across all health and wellbeing areas. From our Wellbeing Kickstart Workshop to interactive Food & Nutrition Sessions, Stress Solutions, Sleep, Mindfulness and more. 

 We also design and tailor specific workshops and coaching programmes to the needs of your team and organisation.

Group Meeting
Digital Work


360 Workplace Wellbeing

Take the guess work out of your wellbeing strategy with a wellbeing audit. 

We work with you to laser-in on the wellbeing areas and metrics that matter the most - to you and to your people - and then we deep-dive into your policies, practises, and on-the-ground actions to let you know exactly how you're doing right now.

We can benchmark you against other firms who work in a similar area, we can highlight any areas of risk in terms of performance or engagement, and we can let you know where you'll get maximum impact for every penny of your budget. In fact many clients end up spending less but still achieve way more.

And after we've conducted your Wellbeing Audit and shared our tailored recommendations, we can facilitate and run (in-person or virtually) solutions to bridge any gaps and support any needs across mental, emotional, social, financial, physical, and digital wellness.


The all in one wellness solution

Workplace wellbeing for your business at a fraction of the cost.

The Wellbe Hub is an all in one solution created with businesses in mind, to help you reduce the cost and impact of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing issues in your organisation.

Self paced on-demand portal of bitesize wellness content that strengthens healthy behaviour in the workplace with tangible results.

Empowering businesses to support employees and start building healthy workplaces immediately.


We take the headache out of creating and implementing inhouse wellbeing strategy and initiatives. Our fully 'done for you' wellbeing solution covers every area of wellbeing from physical, nutritional, digital, financial and more. 

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Born from a passion to provide real wellbeing services that create real change across organisations and into the daily lives of employees, Wellbeing and Performance Coach Laura Butler, created Wellbe. 

Director and driving force of Wellbe, Laura is  founder of the Wellbe Health Transformation Systems and runs her global practise in person and online.

Laura is a published Author, speaker and also founder of Shropshire Wellbeing Day in her home county. 

Through the two distinct strands of her work, Wellbe and Laura Butler Coaching, Laura offers bespoke solutions to those searching for better balance within their lives – whether that’s companies hoping to drive up the morale, health and ultimately productivity of their team, or individuals looking to reduce how stressed, overwhelmed or tired they feel.

Being a Mother to two young children and a business woman herself, Laura fully understands the needs of both business and individual and the need of a healthy lifestyle and work life balance. 

Laura has worked in the Health & Wellness industry for 15 years and holds coaching and mentoring qualifications from ILM and HCI. 

Man Doing Pushup

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"



“Laura is one of those genuinely beautiful souls, whose gentle demeanour and passion for health and wellbeing is incredibly infectious. She hosted the most relaxing, informative and nurturing day, pulling out all the stops to ensure we left completely relaxed and nourished - in mind, body and soul. The activities she planned were the perfect blend to achieve all three, and we were also armed with some fantastic tools to take away with us.

Lucy - Content Writer

“Laura has a fantastic ability to connect with all individuals within a group, making them feel supported and that the session is relevant and helpful to them no matter where they are on their wellbeing journey. It's clear the level of thought, knowledge and expertise which goes into making team sessions worthwhile for every single person attending, and Laura's vibrant personality and infectious passion for all things health and wellbeing are always a delight to be around!”

Harriet - PR Strategist

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