Carmen Lyndley

It was her own health transformation and life experience that lead Carmen to become a Health Coach.

After a 6 year challenge with ME and then a cancer scare 5 years ago when a specialist had told her there was no hope Carmen has emerged at 61 years of age, 3 stone lighter and  fitter in mind and body than she has been for the last 20 years. Carmen advocates the importance of taking responsibility for your own health.

Focusing particularly on women over 50, looking for vitality, great health and wellbeing in all aspects of life. Her aim is to help overcome obstacles, limiting beliefs and out dated habits empowering them to live their best lives yet.

As the saying goes..

’To bring life to your years and years to your life’.

Her work is underpinned by years of study in Integrated Health and Nutrition and NLP with a focus on the mind body connection, preventative strategies and self awareness.

Keeping in touch with the latest innovations  Carmen has recently studied with the Health Coach Institute of America.