Mel Wakeman

Mel is an independent and well-respected nutrition consultant, appearing on National Radio and TV. Prior to launching her own business in 2017, Mel was a senior lecturer in Nutrition and Applied Physiology for over 22 years. She now provides a professional advice and consultancy service for businesses in addition to working with private clients as part of the welLBe team.


Mel delivers educational workshops, awareness and action days, particularly for companies that want to develop their well-being agenda and engage their workforce to increase health and happiness in the workplace. With extensive experience working in the area of health and disease, her focus is primarily on disease prevention and behaviour change. 


In her 1-2-1 practice, Mel saves women from food rules, fad diets and nutrition nonsense. She uses non-diet and intuitive eating approaches to help women create a positive and healthy relationship with food and themselves. Mel is well known for her honest and real approach to food and truly believes you can’t truly enjoy a cuppa without a good dunking biscuit!