Our Programmes

Get the Most out of Your Workforce 

and help them get the most out of life

Wellbeing is at the top of every forward thinking  business and organisation agenda for 2021.

Stress and work place illness is ever increasing, the pandemic and isolation from remote working is having a negative impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of employees . 


As Transformational Business, Health and Habit Change Coaches, we are passionate about supporting individuals in the workplace to reap the rewards of a holistically healthy lifestyle, through the facilitation of long-term habit change and the provision of in-depth knowledge and insight.  

 Our Transformational Health & Stress Elimination Programmes are based on cutting edge psychology, brain science, nutrition, intuitive listening, habit change, and healthy lifestyle design.  


The programmes are all-encompassing and cover a whole spectrum of areas, each of which can  be perfectly tailored to individuals and their specific needs.  In essence, your team members will benefit from:

-  Overall enhanced health – including increased energy, lower stress levels, levelling of hormones, better sleep, better skin, better relationships, more confidence, better mood, and weight loss (if appropriate) 
- A all-round healthier lifestyle, with the provision of knowledge which can be shared with family to bring further benefits
- Greater morale within the workplace 
- Enhanced productivity 
- Long-term habit change (around areas such as cravings, binge eating, poor health choices, and/or minor addictions) 
- Finding the perfect ‘diet’ for your body 
- Learning ‘what’ and ‘how’ to eat to complement individual body types
- A better understanding of your own body and the impact of the choices you make

We offer a variety of packages from 1-2-1 coaching, online self study courses and 4-12 week workforce group coaching sessions

What else do we offer?

One Day Events

Our workshops and seminars are a popular choice as an introduction to or refresher for workplace wellbeing.



We don't just deliver on site, we also offer a range of online training options for larger organisations and those overseas. Our online programmes can be just as powerful with advanced coaching sequences and techniques built in. 


We can arrange and facilitate full and bespoke health and wellness retreats for you and your staff in many inspirational locations to suit your needs.

In-House Co-ordination

Not ready to take the plunge and commit to employing a permanent wellness co-ordinator? We bridge the gap for organisations and help kick start and run long term wellness programmes, working as part of your team until the time is right for you to take on an in house co-ordinator. 

Professional Content

As experts in our field we often guest blog and write topic specific content for many different health partners as well as our clients.