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Busy Nutrition for Busy Mum

When you’re busy, eating healthy can be a big challenge. But letting your nutrition fall by the wayside is dangerous. We’re not talking about the occasional fish and chips here. We’re talking about not getting the right nutrition on the regular, which can make things worse for a busy lifestyle where you’re running around for work while trying to be that perfect mum.

The thing is though, if you don’t stop and take care of your nutrition now, you’ll run yourself ragged for those that truly depend on you, particularly your kids. Plus, kids always model our behaviour. If you’d like to see them eat properly, you’d be wise to do so yourself.

Eating for nutrition even while busy can help you big time, so here’s why it pays to eat healthfully no matter how busy you are.

Better Productivity

Sugary snacks only give you a quick jolt of energy followed by a massive crash. If you feel like you can’t concentrate at work, try eating more nutritiously to see the results. Try increasing your intake of good quality protein and some high quality fats (such as avocado, oils and nuts) to keep the cravings of sugar at bay. Unhealthy diets don’t give our brains and bodies what we need, which leads to sluggishness as well as chronic pain, something that can hold back your efforts at the office and at home.

Better Mood

Irritable or feeling down? Lack of proper nutrition is a big cause of low mood in many women. Eating foods that are good for you will help balance your hormones and make your body happy, which makes you happy too. Plus, it reduces stress. In particular, foods rich with omega-3 fatty acids like fatty fish, nuts, and seeds can really give you a boost while keeping cortisol levels (that’s the stress hormone, also responsible for causing mummy-tummy) reduced. Look for Dale Pinnock's (The Medicinal Chef), book of recipes for Anxiety and Stress.

Healthier Weight and Life

If you struggle to fit going to the gym or regular exercise in to your busy schedule, then you absolutely cannot compromise on nutrition. Many personal trainers say that “abs are made in the kitchen” so do yourself right by eating more plant-based nutrition and lean proteins. Don’t forget to have plenty of water too. Dehydration has been shown to impact mood and stress levels.

How You Can Make the Switch to Healthier Eating

Todays modern world has made our lives fuller, busier and more stressful than ever before. Making an effort for your nutrition will give you the boost you need to bring balance to the chaos. Here are a few quick tips:

Prepare for hunger - Always eat something nutritious, even if it’s quick. Take a healthy snack of nuts along in your bag to help power you through from big presentations to picking the kids up from school. Be prepared for hunger or you will find yourself snacking on convenience food not in alignment with your health goals.

Meal prep - Sitting down on a weekend and making the list for stocking your kitchen and making meals will keep you from straying. Initially, you’ll need to invest more time into this, but after giving it a go for two weeks, you’ll be in full swing and have healthy meals ready to go without having to lift a finger after work.

Go slow and steady- You can’t expect to change suddenly overnight 'small hingers swing big doors' so choose one thing to change per week, like not adding sugar to coffee or forgoing biscuits. Trying to change too much too quickly will lead to overwhelm.

You’re important, so please take care of your nutrition today to save yourself from health problems tomorrow. You are worth it.

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