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Small Team Case Study

Cosgrove & Cosgrove and Sofood!

Book-keeping firm Cosgrove & Cosgrove Ltd and catering company Sofood! Ltd are two Telford based businesses run by the same family, with the latter providing private, corporate, event catering services and vending machines. Having two businesses to keep them busy means the team found they were often neglecting their own health – so they contacted welLBe and brought Laura Butler on board to help them achieve their goals.

Four of the team took part in Laura’s welLBe transformational coaching programme – taking part in 12 weekly sessions focusing on areas such as nutrition, movement mindfulness, habit change and hydration.

Sofood! director Kristian Lea explains how the team has benefitted:

“As soon as we heard about the course we jumped at the chance. Although we feed thousands of mouths in Telford every month, it’s usually our own diets that get neglected, working long hours and grabbing something quick late at night.

“Although we have a lot of food knowledge already due to the nature of our business, putting it into practice for ourselves can sometimes suffer due to the long and unsociable hours we all work.

“The programme definitely challenged the way I think about my own diet and armed me with more knowledge, all of which is useful to me in personal and work life. The savings I’ve made from a particular habit change will soon be enough to pay for a holiday!

“Two of us had an amount of weight we wished to lose during the course, which we achieved and have kept off since through habit change including the times of day we eat, what we eat and how we eat it. All of which are fairly simple changes, and I believe easy enough to keep up going forward.

“I would encourage other workplaces to sign up for the course – it’s a great way for colleagues to interact in a positive way outside of the usual work-based conversations.

The way Laura runs the course is perfect in order for them to share as much or as little as they feel comfortable with, and taking the advice on board will enable them and their families to live a healthier, happier and more energetic lifestyle.”

Visit for more information about Sofood! Or to find out about the welLBe transformational coaching programme, visit, email or call 07950 581693.

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