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Workplace wellbeing for your business at a fraction of the cost.


Has the Covid 19 pandemic had an impact on the mental and physical health of your employees?

Is the wellbeing of your workforce important to you but you just don’t know how to support them?

Does the sound a workplace wellbeing programme sound overwhelming and time consuming? 

70% of employees said that 2020 was their most stressful year.

Poor mental health is believed to cost between £1,205 and £1,560 per employee per year. 


Introducing the Wellness Hub

Science Based

Accredited coaches and experts



A minimum of two live trainings per month held by expert health and wellness coaches where you can interact and ask questions. Also available on replay.

Latest Wellness Techniques

Discover our curated, transformational health and wellness information designed to motivate, inspire and support your staff 

Through Multimedia Content

Every month you'll receive blog posts, video trainings, and infographics designed to engage every type of employee

An all in one solution created with businesses in mind, to help you reduce the cost and impact of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing issues in your organisation. 

A self paced on demand portal of bitesize wellness content that strengthens healthy behaviour in the workplace with tangible results. Empowering businesses to support employees and start building healthy workplaces immediately. 

Engage, motivate, and inspire your team with your own professional wellbeing programme

Wellness initiatives provide guidance and support to employees by teaching them methods and techniques to stay mentally healthy at work. They have been shown to dramatically reduce the impact of stress and increase performance across the board.

This is why over 80% of organisations today have wellness teams and programmes embedded into their organisation; and some of the most successful companies, like Google, spend millions on wellness alone. 

 By joining the Wellness hub, you will get your very own wellbeing programme, to support your employees, leading to:

  • Reduced sickness in your team

  • More engagement while at work

  • Boosted morale

  • Increased performance

  • Reduced turnover

  • Ability to attract leading talent

  • And much more…

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Full of expertly created content

When it comes to health and wellbeing, you need information you can trust. Our team of experienced experts are behind all our content, so you can be confident in every piece you share with your team.


What you get: 


  • Minimum 2 live webinars trainings a month 
  • Relevant engaging health and wellness information e.g. infographics, blogs, videos, trainings, top tips, recipes, visualisations 
  • Quarterly engagement and progress reports 
  • Support for your HR 

The Wellness Hub Subscription

Our subscription model saves you thousands on employee health and well-being initiatives 


All of the above for just £10 per user per month!

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First 100 users

£10 per user per month

101 - 200 users

£7.50 per user per month

201 - 300 users

£6 per user per month

300+ users

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Enterprise Level Wellness

Coming soon

  • Fully tailored wellbeing strategy to your objectives

  • Bespoke portal for your employees

  • Branded in your company logo and colours

  • Dedicated live trainings for your organisation only

From £2,000

per month

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Laura Butler 


The Wellness Hub is part of the welLBe brand founded by Laura Butler in 2017.


Laura is an accredited health and wellness coach who has 15 years experience in the health and wellness industry having coached thousands of private and corporate clients worldwide.


Laura is a member of The UK Health Coaches Association and the founder of the welLBe Employee Transformation Systems and is passionate about making wellbeing commonplace in the workplace.

‘Wellness is no longer just a tick box or a buzz word for the progressive organisations, the pandemic has really shown businesses that employee wellbeing is essential. 


My vision is to create a happy, positive and resilient workforce and a pro active wellness culture that organisations can see tangible benefits from.'